In-house lawyer services for businesses in Vietnam

In-house lawyers
In-house lawyers

In Vietnam, the business activities of individuals, organizations, and enterprises are increasingly expanding and moving towards globalization. However, businesses must find a team of reputable in-house lawyers to offer effective proposals and solutions to deal with legal issues to protect their interests in the business process, signing cooperative contracts, commercial contracts, and performing a trademark search.

1. What is an in-house lawyer? Why do businesses need in-house lawyers from Apolat Legal?

In-house lawyers, also known as In-House Counsel, is an individual or a group of lawyers, working as a legal department to provide comprehensive support on legal issues of organizations and enterprises. They are responsible for legal consultancy in the course of all business operations.

At Apolat Legal, our team of in-house lawyers is also the department that supervises the implementation process of the law and the regulations or rules of the in-house departments in the enterprise, handles contracts, performs trademark search, drafts documents, etc., complying with the provisions of the law for the purpose of minimizing and eliminating risks. Therefore, an in-house lawyer can be seen as a legal risk manager for the business.

Typically, businesses will choose whether to set up their legal department or use law firmsin-house lawyer services when they need regular legal consultancy due to their business activities. However, in-house lawyer services are more favourable nowadays, and Apolat Legal is confident to be the first choice of businesses in providing consultancy services thanks to the following outstanding advantages.

1.1 A high level of professional qualification

Usually, each lawyer will be knowledgeable about specific areas within the business activities of enterprises. However, in reality, they often encounter problems in many fields. In addition, in the face of constant changes in the law, businesses require their legal departments to have deep expertise and effective handling of work. Therefore, using the in-house lawyer service of Apolat Legal will meet the maximum efficiency and can flexibly handle issues arising in the business.

Businesses can actively take maximum advantage of the human resources, expertise, consulting capability, and solutions of a team of lawyers with many years of experience in all law firm’s fields. In addition, with the professional working style of the team of lawyers at Apolat Legal, they will often quickly detect and update any changes in regulations, helping businesses to operate confidently and effectively without any legal problems.

1.2 A flexible work process

Thanks to our lawyer team’s professionalism in their working style, after many years of experience, we are committed to dealing with any issues. The work will be done effectively and flexibly depending on each case, helping businesses save time and effort. We are committed to supporting businesses anytime, anywhere, quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

At the same time, consulting lawyers minimise secondary risks in each process of negotiation and cooperation with partners. Businesses will be more confident in making quick decisions related to business cooperation, bringing the best results.

1.3 Reasonable prices

Apolat Legal will design and provide in-house lawyer services suitable to the specific size and cost set forth by each business, ensuring our clients will receive the best quality of support at a reasonable fee.

At the same time, hiring an in-house lawyer will help businesses reduce costs that arise and increase over time when setting up a dedicated internal legal department, not to mention their salaries, allowances, welfare, facilities, social insurance, unemployment insurance, etc.

2. Notable deals

2.1 CitiGym Development and Investment Service Joint Stock Business

Up until this point, Apolat Legal has successfully executed and advised many notable businesses. Among them, the CitiGym Investment and Development Service Joint Stock Business has re-signed their contract of in-house consulting lawyers for the 3rd time with Apolat Legal. During the cooperation period, Apolat Legal team of lawyers help CitiGym resolve disputes arising in business activities and protect their legal interests before signing any commercial contracts.

2.2 Topcake Ltd.

The lawyers at Apolat Legal have successfully advised and supported Topcake, a famous packaged confectionery business in Vietnam, in transferring the entire brand and business activities. During the implementation, negotiation, and execution of this deal, Apolat Legal plays the role of the critical legal entity for the client.

Specifically, we conducted consultation, prepared all documents for businesses before participating in the transfer transaction, reviewed the principle contract for property transfer transactions, and joined in handling collateral assets at the bank. In addition, we consulted on transferring land use rights in the industrial park, worked with the industrial park infrastructure management business, and reviewed relevant documents. We also consulted on the transfer of rights to intellectual properties and trade secrets of the business.

More info about other notable deals at 

Notable deals
Notable deals

3. The process of providing in-house lawyer services at Apolat Legal

The following is the general process of providing in-house lawyer services at Apolat Legal:

Step 1: Receiving information, records and documents related to the business

Step 2: Checking the information and profile provided

Step 3: Assigning a full-time lawyer for direct discussions

Step 4: Submitting the final documents and following up on the customer’s comments.

Apolat Legal provides the in-house lawyer service, advice on legal regulations and policies and practical solutions for specific issues at clients’ request. We assist clients in preparing/drafting documents related to their businesses.

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