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Legal Translation And Certifying Translations

Legal translation services

For transactions of which people using different lingual systems to work or communicate, translation plays a crucial role because it directly affects the correctness of information and agreement exchanged between them. Particularly respect to  legal documents, language is always in high priority for both sides in a transaction and, thus, legal translation strictly requires precision at the highest level. Misunderstanding of wording and implications may cause potential risks and disputes to involved parties in such transaction.

Therefore, in addition to legal service, Apolat Legal provides clients with the service of translating documents, which helps them to avoid misinterpretations of their partner’s intents and, accordingly, to be prevented from potential risks and disputes. Also, if requested, the precision of translations will be certified by our attorneys to strengthen the legality and the peace of mind of parties in implementation.

Certifying translations

A certified translation is a translation that is signed, stamped and stated by Apolat Legal that it is a true representation of the original text. It can then be used by businesses and organizations. In many cases, certified translations will be required for documents presented to government offices and courts or even to the other party in a transaction.

We provide this service and can advise you on the individual requirements requested by different bodies and the levels of certification needed for specific documents. Besides, we also take additional steps when preparing your translation packet to ensure acceptance by the widest range of receivers. At Apolat Legal, we always try to make short time-frames as a priority to couple a responsive approach with an integral commitment to accuracy, reliability and superb quality.


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