Legal Retainer Service

Business activities of enterprises are always dependent on and regulated by relevant laws. For effective operation, enterprises need to well control legal risks arising from their operations. Large enterprises tend to build a legal team with good lawyers to help them apply for permits, provide legal advice and resolve labor disputes during their operation.

However, not all businesses have the financial resources to build their own legal department. For businesses that do not have their own legal team, the legal retainer service of separate law firms will be the smart choice.

Understanding this issue, Apolat Legal offers businesses a comprehensive legal consulting service at a reasonable fee. Each business choosing the legal retainer service of Apolat Legal will be supported by a consistent team during the time of using the service. In this way, Apolat Legal can clearly understand the clients and help the clients save time and avoid providing duplicated information. In addition, businesses only have to pay a fixed monthly fee to receive helpful advice from Apolat Legal for all day-to-day legal needs of the business.

What is the Legal Retainer Service?

Legal Retainer Service (LRS) is ideal for businesses that regularly have needed to be legally consulted without an internal legal department, but are concerned that legal costs can easily spiral out of control.

Legal Retainer Service covers the full range of legal services that a company is likely to require, from labor law and commercial advice to intellectual property law and corporate governance.

All for a fixed monthly cost.

What’s included?

  • Answering, consulting on provisions, and policies of law and giving legal solutions for each specific matter according to the Client’s requirements in multiple practice areas such as investment, construction, real estate, bidding, enterprise administration, banking, security, insurance, commerce, labor, sales and other areas relating to the Client’s business operation (excluding financial and tax advice).
  • Examining, reviewing and confirming the legality of documentation which the Client has drafted or implemented in respect of business operation, giving legal advice for such documentation as required by the Client.
  • Supporting the Client in preparation of all documentation for contract negotiations or parleys (if requires).
  • Supporting the Client in drafting documentation relating to business transactions between the Client and any third party.
  • Consulting with the Client about business discussions, negotiations, parleys, claims, disputes or lawsuits with any third party or any competent State agency relating to the Client’s business operation. (Scope of consultancy excludes representing for the Client in implementation of specific matters or of claims at competent State agencies or of litigation procedures at Court or Arbitration).
  • Consulting with the Client about general solutions relating to each specific claim, dispute or lawsuit.
  • In case any Client’s partner needs our legal support, then, as the Client’s request or that of such partner, we shall consider whether providing our legal services for such partner or not; and if we choose to provide, we shall be committed to not causing any damage to the Client or any conflict of rights and legal interests between the Client and such partner.
  • Supporting and consulting the Client on drafting the Charter, Internal Working Regulation, regulations relating to enterprise organization, management and administration and other essential documents during Client’s business operation.


How long does duration of LRS contract last?

We believe that the longer duration of LRS lasts the better we know our clients and the more reasonable the cost will be. Therefore, the popular duration is usually no less than 06 consecutive months. However, if you feel unhappy with LRS then you always have the right to stop service by a two-month notice in advance.

Can I expand the scope of LRS?

Our LRS mainly focuses on commercial law. There are some of legal sectors that we have not expertise but can generally support as tax & accounting law, criminal law, administration cases, dispute resolved by foreign courts, … and other specific services stipulated in LRS contract.

Can I change some clauses of LRS contract?

Clauses of LRS contracts are built by negotiating with our clients to make sure that our LRS is met our client’s demands and differences between companies. Thus, we appreciate your contribution and suggestion to finalize the LRS contract’s clauses if necessary.

Is dispute resolution covered in LRS?

We will provide you with full advice in relation to any dispute with the objective of avoiding any formal claim. Once a claim is made then this falls outside the normal terms of LRS because of its complication and uniqueness.

How could I pay the cost of LRS?

The cost of LRS is a fixed cost and will be paid at beginning of every month in duration. At the end of every month, we will send you a task report listing works that were done in the previous month in order that you are able to update your company’s legal health.

Can I request to change lawyer who is dealing with my case?

Yes. We will always try to appoint qualified lawyers to resolve your cases. However, we are willing to appoint a new lawyer who works with you if you think this is a reasonable change.


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