1. General information

1.1 This Policy is intended to regulate Apolat Legal’s processing of Client’s personal data.

1.2 This Policy also regulates and governs Apolat Legal’s processing of personal data of:

  • Other third parties, relevant persons of the Client which is required to be collected by law or case;
  • By providing Personal Data of a third party to Apolat Legal under the Agreement, Client represents and warrants that Client has legally collected it and has obtained consent from the Data subject before providing it to Apolat Legal.

1.3 Personal data processing is one or more activities affecting personal data, such as: collecting, recording, analysing, confirming, storing, correcting, disclosing, combining, accessing, retrieving, encrypting, decrypting, copying, sharing, transmitting, providing, transfering, deleting, destroying personal data or other related activities.

1.4 Within the scope of processing personal data under this Policy, Apolat Legal is the controller and/or processor of personal data.

2. Types of processed personal data

Personal Data can include basic personal data and sensitive personal data, which is information and data about individuals in the form of symbols, letters, numbers, images, sounds or other similar forms in the digital environment that is associated with a particular individual or that identifies a particular person or that identifies or is capable of identifying a particular person.

Apolat Legal has the right but has no obligation to collect Client’s personal data by the following methods: taking notes, entering data on electronic means, recording instructions or verbal information, recording video, notarization, bailiff’s report and other collection methods that Apolat Legal considers appropriate and in compliance with the law.

3. Purpose of process personal date

Apolat Legal acts as a controller and processor of personal data, has collected Client’s Personal Data and/or has been provided with Personal Data by Client, and requires correction of Personal Data on a case-by-case basis which is used for purposes related to all agreements, contracts and/or any documents (“Agreement”) and/or for statistics, management, reporting; conflict checking, risk management, internal control; accounting, auditing and financial purposes; and/or to survey, research, investigate, and evaluate work quality; and/or for dispute resolution, storage and database administration (“Purpose”).

4. Method of processing personal data

a. Processing personal data manually;

b. Processing personal data automatically.

5. Expected time for processing personal data

Starting from the moment Client provides Personal Data to Apolat Legal and/or Apolat Legal collects Personal Data from Client under the Agreement, and directly or indirectly, Apolat Legal will maintain the processing of Client’s personal data during the validity period of the Agreements.

The data processing process ends when Apolat Legal no longer stores any of your personal data in accordance with Company regulations and legal regulations. Apolat Legal may also store your personal data for a period of time as prescribed by law.

6. Rights and Obligations of Client

Client has the rights to: know, consent, access, withdraw consent, request data deletion, limit data processing, provide data, object to data processing, complain, denounce, sue, request compensation for damages, and the right to self-protection according to the law on personal data protection. In case Apolat Legal assists you in accessing and editing your personal data held by Apolat Legal, Apolat Legal may request additional documents and records to verify and identify the client.

Client has the following obligations: to protect your personal data; request other relevant organizations and individuals to protect your personal data; provide complete and accurate personal data when agreeing to allow Apolat Legal to process personal data; implement legal regulations on personal data protection and other obligations as prescribed by law.

7. Miscellaneous provisions

This Personal Data Processing Policy is an attached, inseparable part of the Service Contracts signed between Apolat Legal and Clients.

Apolat Legal commits to processing Client’s data based on your consent in accordance with this Policy, unless otherwise provided by law.

Without prejudice to the above, Client agrees and acknowledges that any withdrawal of your consent to data processing under this Notice will not affect the previous processing of your data in accordance with the consent Client had with Apolat Legal.