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We are living in an era where technology runs the world in every aspect of the human race. Although its convenience and helpfulness are undeniable, society has to be confronted with new problems coming from it as an inevitable consequence.

Shopping is now much more enjoyable than ever thanks to electronic transaction platforms and online payment tools. Yet, customers are also exposed to risks of fraud, blackmailing, data privacy leaking, etc. Or, in terms of doing business, companies have increasingly boosted their performance with advanced technologies but are usually worried about cybercriminals, hacking their system to steal client’s information or just sabotage for the purpose of competition. Intellectual property right infringement is also a good example of the dark side of technology. Copyrighted works are being spread for free and counterfeit goods are publicly exhibited online and sold in a massive quantity, causing drastic damage to many authors and companies.

With a team of well-trained lawyers diversified in various legal fields, Apolat Legal confidently provides our clients with helpful knowledge and legal services usually adapted to meet the different demands of clients.


  • Setting up commercial presence in Viet Nam to do business;
  • Filing applications for e-commerce platform license and registering websites;
  • Counseling on data privacy policies complying with Vietnamese laws;
  • Counseling on the law of electronic transactions and relevant regulations;
  • Drafting and/or reviewing contracts with partners, suppliers, delivery agencies, etc;
  • Providing legal retainer service to support the day-to-day operation of e-commerce companies.

Intellectual property rights 

  • Registering copyright and trademarks;
  • Counseling strategies to establish IP rights and maintain the ownership;
  • Providing portfolio management service;
  • Advising solutions to handle IP right infringements;
  • Drafting and/or reviewing contracts related to IP issues.

Dispute settlement 

  • Representing clients in negotiating with opposite parties;
  • Representing clients in reconciliation;
  • Representing clients at courts or arbitrations related to disputes over technology issues.


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