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Transportation plays a special role in every society, keeping the traffic lifeline of the country consistently smooth and being a factor that significantly affects the development of the national economy. As the economy is developing, the relations between the economy and transportation are increasingly complex as well. At that time, the lawyer’s role is even more important, contributing to managing legal risks and other risks involved in operating the transportation business and achieving success.

As the legal counsel team has many years of experience, we have become an integral part of any operational process of the transport, supply chain, project, transaction or any creation of businesses operating in the transportation field. We provide advice, practical, focused and necessary legal solutions for clients to pursue their commercial purposes. In each phase, it is essential to take advantage of opportunities in transportation and complying with the legal system to maintain legitimacy upon joining or vigorous activities, potential in domestic and international markets.

The outstanding legal services that we regularly assist clients concerning operations in transportation include:

  • Consulting and updating legal regulations to enter into and operate transportation business;
  • Consulting and supporting the implementation of investment activities, licensing and approval according to regulations;
  • Consulting on suitable employment and labor relations, especially in transportation;
  • Consulting, supporting  and  accompanying  in  business  cooperation  deals,  technology transfer, management models, business secrets or M&A;
  • Providing advice and supporting to implement environmental, planning, and warehousing issues;
  • Participating in legal proceedings at court or arbitration to protect client’s legitimate rights and interests.


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