Contract Drafting and Reviewing

In any business deal, a contract is always a solid basis for the parties’ execution of their rights and obligations. Moreover, the contract can help the parties avoid a pointless dispute. In case the dispute is inevitable, the contract shall be a firm ground for the parties to solve the dispute.

When it comes to the dispute, the parties can only rely on what had been contained in the contract but cannot add any contents in favor of them. Therefore, contract drafting and reviewing are crucial not just to secure the parties’ performance of their obligations but also to be a solid legal basis to solve the dispute.

Apolat Legal’s lawyers and experts have extensive practice experience in consulting, reviewing and drafting contracts for world-leading companies in various business sectors, such as:

  • Corporate and investment;
  • Intellectual Property (IP) and technology transfer;
  • Commercial activities in goods, retail, import and export;
  • Logistics and related services;
  • F&B, entertainment, fashion;
  • Real estate;
  • Construction and infrastructure;
  • Other sectors.

In addition to ensuring the consistency between the contract clauses and the commercial requirements of the Clients, we also express our legal views objectively and proactively help the Clients understand the contractual positions of the Clients and their counterparts to propose the most effective and practicable drafting plan and ensure the Client’s rights and interests when it comes to the dispute. Our lawyer team understands not only the legal issues of the contract but also has an informed and in-depth knowledge of the Client’s industry practice, thereby pointing out the common risks and providing the best practices for dealing with them.

Key to our success is the ability to combine the technical drafting skills of our lawyers and professionals with the business needs of the Clients and the ultimate purpose of ensuring the maximum interests of the Clients. Our lawyer team will:

  • Proactively obtaining relevant material facts or indirectly via email exchange with the Client;
  • Searching, reviewing and assessing the relevant information and documents provided;
  • Drafting and providing legal opinions on the Contract;
  • Checking opinion/advice relating to the Contract from relevant local State officers (if there are grey or ambiguous legal areas);
  • Finalizing the draft of the Contract and sending them through email to the Client for comments and inputs (if any);
  • Going through the Client’s comments and inputs (if any) to the draft of Apolat Legal, amending and/or supplementing and finalizing the draft of Contract; and
  • Sending the final version of the Contract to the Client either via email/fax or letter in order for the Client’s record and further actions.


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