Franchise Consulting

Franchising has always been considered one of the business models having high socio-economic value. This activity not only brings enormous benefits to franchising owners, but also provides a way to effectively share a business opportunity with many others, especially in developing countries such as Vietnam, helping individuals and organizations who are insufficient sources to self-build a business from zero.

In addition to the reputation of their service and product’s quality to build a truly effective franchise system, franchisors must also keep in mind legal issues involved in this activity. In fact, franchising covers a wide range of issues such as entering a contract, franchise contract registration, intellectual property, technology transfer, confidential information, raw materials supply, and operating franchise stores… Especially when franchisors want to expand their business worldwide, this activity will be governed by at least two different legal systems.

Therefore, Apolat Legal, with lawyers and associates advised and assisedt in the implementation of many complicated franchise transactions, will help customers orient and understand the legal issues surrounding this operating model thoroughly. Specifically, the scope of our services includes:

  • General consulting in relevant legal policies;
  • Drafting or reviewing exclusive franchise and sub-franchise agreements;
  • Drafting or reviewing other documents and agreements related to the system’s operation to ensure consistency with franchise agreements and regulatory compliance;
  • Consulting the compliance with laws and contracts during the franchising term;
  • On behalf of the franchisor or the franchisee to negotiate and enter into a franchise agreement;
  • Registering the Franchise system to competent authorities;
  • Other relevant legal services upon clients’ request;
  • On behalf of the franchisor or franchisee resolves disputes related to franchise activities.

Apolat Legal believes that the range of services we provide will fulfil all the requirements of our customers and act as a support link to help clients keep up with the development in the field of franchising.



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