IPO & Capital Raising

A company’s initial public offering (IPO) is a transformational event in its growth, whether it has a history of operations or is a startup venture. Apolat Legal understand the IPO process and use our experience and relationships to assist our clients across a full range of industry sectors in choosing the most appropriate course of action to achieve their IPO objective.

Apolat Legal is highly proficient in assisting and advising our clients on the legal frameworks surrounding listed shares, bonds and long-term investments. We provide legal advice and compliance services for our clients on laws, decrees, exchange listing rules, circulars, guidance and regulations in relation to listing on the stock market and IPO process collectively; listing requirements; takeovers of public companies; filings; delisting and relevant matters. We are also specialized in legal and regulatory affairs and our services in relation to takeover included due diligence; negotiations; transactional services; and delisting.

The protection and enhancement of our client’s legal interests is always Apolat Legal’s overriding concern. We work together with clients to create a tailored issuance concept for clients’ successful placement on the stock exchange.


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