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Industrials, Manufacturing

Industry and Production are key business lines and are being focused on. These activities are currently bringing economic benefits as well as contributing to the state budget. However, the legal regulations for these business lines are quite complicated. If the business has not been consulted carefully before and during the business operation, it will lead to many potential legal risks.

With a team of experienced lawyers, Apolat Legal can advise clients on the following issues:

  • The suitable operating location for the master plan in the field of industry and production;
  • Conditions that need to be met before operation;
  • Licenses that need to be obtained before operation;
  • Notable issues during the operation;
  • The local preferential policies and support in the client’s operating location;
  • Periodical reports need to be made when operating.

Through the above supports, the client can have an overview and orientation as well as create appropriate business plans, especially for foreign investors. It is important and necessary to find a consulting lawyer before investing capital and implementing a project in Vietnam.

With the advantage of understanding local policies, regularly updating legal regulations and having a team of experienced lawyers. We believe that Apolat Legal is the right choice that the clients can trust to choose and accompany to assist in legal issues in their business operation.


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