Application For Advertising Licence Of Advertising Panel (Light-Boxes)

Nowaday, establishment and organization business performance of an enterprise are supported and create condition by the State. So, enterprises are founded easily and the number of companies is uninterruptedly increased. This will lead to competition energetically and fiercely between enterprises in the market. How to maintain the operation and brand name of the enterprise to become popular and close to people is a common problem that enterprises are seeking solutions.

For the purpose of promoting brand and solving the above problem, enterprises cannot ignore the application of advertising policies and strategies to promote their brands and improve the popularity of products, services,… to the public. The advertising has many types and advertising by outdoor billboards (known as light-boxes) is also a choice that enterprises have a certain position or enterprises with high equity capital towards for the professionalism and the widespread popularity of this type of advertising for businesses.

Enterprises wishing to conduct advertising with outdoor advertising billboards must perform a permit procedure from the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism. However, the execution procedure is not easy and in the process of asking permission there will be certain problems.

First, enterprises need to announce advertisement on the billboards, but before that, if some special circumstances will be required to permit licensing advertising constructions. Here is the full profile component to be prepared to be able to ask for permission to mount the outdoor billboards:

  • The written notification of billboard, banner advertisement must specify the contents, time and place of advertisements, the quantity of billboards (Form 5 – Circular No. 10/2013/TT-BVHTTDL);
  • The Certificate of Business registration of the advertiser in case of self-advertising;
  • The copies of documents proving the conformity and qualifications of products, goods and services as prescribed by law, or papers proving the eligibility for advertising as prescribed;
    • Having the Certificate of business registration when advertising goods and services;
    • When advertising products, goods and services, the documents proving their conformity and qualification must be presented as prescribed by law.
    • Having the ownership certificate or the use right certificate when advertising property of which the ownership certificate or use right certificate is compulsory.
  • The copies of the event documents from the organizer for advertisements of social policies and events;
  • The color design marquette of the advertisements with the signature of the advertising service provider or the advertiser in case of self-advertising. For advertisers and advertising service providers being organizations, the seal of the organization is required;
  • Documents proving the ownership or the right to use the billboard;
  • The perspective drawing of the billboard location;
  • The copy of the license to build advertising constructions regarding the billboards subject to construction licenses.
Regulatory advertising Legislation the construction of outdoor advertising screens, signboards, independent billboards attached to another existing construction must ask for the license to build advertising, and the local outdoor advertising planning.
Circumstances need to ask for permission to build of local agencies in charge of construction management as follows:
  • Building outdoor advertising screens with 20 m2 of one side or above;
  • Building signboards, billboards with over 20 m2 of one side with metal structure or similar materials and attached to another existing construction;
  • Independent billboards with 40 m2 one side or above.

The application for the construction license in these cases is listed specifically in Clause 3, Article 31, Law on Advertising 2012 and applications are filed at the local Department of Construction where the intended mounting billboard is set

Therefore, after the full range of applications, the enterprise conducts a notice in the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in the local, in case of full and valid applications, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism will confirm the receipt of applications, if there is no comments in writing, the enterprise is made the advertising product has announced.

In case that a enterprise violates the announcement of advertisement on the billboard or to permit the construction of the competent authorities of local construction or at the same time do not perform both of these will be imposition of penalties for administrative according as the level, in addition, it is possible to apply measures aimed at overcoming consequences such as taking down works, returning the original status,…

Because of the complicated procedures that lead to execution time will last and the enterprise takes a lot of expenses. The licensing of billboard construction in addition to requirement of the technical regulations must be true and the local planning to ensure the progress as the enterprise expected. Because of these concerns, it has plagued the plan of operations and program initiatives in the course of business activities of enterprises. Therefore, the solution for enterprises is to choose a company specializing in the field of licensing for the billboard construction or a company, office law to be consulted about the sequence and procedure performed to save more time and money.

If you have any questions or require any additional information, please contact Apolat Legal – An International Law Firm in Viet Nam.

This article is for general information only and is not a substitute for legal advice.

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