Proposal to expand the object of unemployment insurance

1. Proposal to expand the object of unemployment insurance

The Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs is proposing to develop the Employment Law (amended). In which, the Ministry proposed to amend the unemployment insurance policy.

Specifically, the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs proposes to amend regulations on compulsory subjects of employees participating in unemployment insurance, including employees who have entered into a working contract or a labor contract with definite term, indefinite term or labor contract with a definite term of 01 month or longer.

Supplementing a number of regulations on participation in unemployment insurance: the employer’s notification responsibility, handling in case the employer is unable to fully perform the unemployment insurance obligation, …

Proposing to amend regulations on salary as a basis for paying unemployment insurance premiums, including salary and allowances; amending regulations on the ceiling of unemployment insurance premiums in line with the guidelines in Resolution No. 27-NQ/TW and orientations for amending the Law on Social Insurance.

Amending regulations on unemployment benefits: Amending and supplementing conditions for enjoying unemployment benefits by stipulating some additional cases not entitled to unemployment benefits such as: termination of the working contract/labor contract, the employee being disciplined, the person who is receiving the monthly pension or loss of working capacity allowance.

2. Reducing and simplifying administrative procedures related to maritime business activities

The Government has just promulgated Decree No. 69/2022/ND-CP dated September 23th, 2022 amending a number of articles of Decrees related to business activities in the field of maritime business activities.

Decree 69/2022/ND-CP includes 6 articles, amending and supplementing 5 Decrees related to business activities in the maritime sector, including:

  • Procedures for ship routing (Article 19 of Decree No. 70/2017/ND-CP);
  • Issuance of Certificate of eligibility for seaport operation business (Article 10 of Decree No. 37/2017/ND-CP);
  • Procedures for issuance of Certificate of conformity on recruitment and supply of seafarers (Article 13 of Decree No. 29/2017/ND-CP); 
  • Procedures for announcing the putting of navigational channels into use in case the navigational channels are announced after the time of announcement of the opening of seaports or the navigation channels are newly invested or re-announced due to adjustment, expansion or upgrading (Clause 5, Article 13 of Decree No. 58/2017/ND-CP);
  • Procedures for announcing the opening of ports, wharves, floating terminals and water zones and water areas (Article 14 of Decree No. 58/2017/ND-CP).

This Decree takes effect from October 30th, 2022.

Download the legal update as a PDF here.

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