The draft regulations require digital platforms to register form contracts

The Ministry of Planning and Investment is publishing a draft Decree regulating the conversion of state-owned companies established and operating under the Law on State Enterprises into single-member limited liability companies organized and operated in accordance with the Law on Enterprises.

Regarding the draft Decision of the Prime Minister promulgating the List of products, goods and services that must register contracts according to the form and general transaction conditions, the Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes a list of products and goods, services must register a contract according to the form, general transaction conditions. Specifically:

  • Providing residential electricity; 
  • Providing domestic water;
  • Paid television services;
  • Landline mobile information (payment method: postpaid); landline mobile communication (payment method: prepaid);
  • Accessing fixed-line broadband internet;
  • Airline passenger transportation;
  • Railway passenger transportation;
  • Buying and selling apartments, apartment management and operation services;
  • Large-scale or very large intermediary digital platform providing e-commerce services.

Compared to Decision No. 02/2012/QD-TTg and subsequent amendments, the draft Decision retains 08/09 products, goods, and services; removes 01 service (landline telephone) and adds 01 service (large-scale or very large intermediary digital platform providing e-commerce services).

Based on the above-mentioned draft, within 180 days from becoming a large-scale or very large intermediary digital platform according to the provisions of the Law on Electronic Transactions, organizations establishing and operating such platforms currently applying contracts based on standard models and general transaction conditions in transactions with consumers must complete the registration as required by consumer protection laws.

Download the legal update as a PDF here.

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