Human resource News in August 2019

Human resource News in August 2019

Aplolat Legal is pleased to welcome back Mr. Tran Chau Hoai Han after a long time studying abroad as well as Mr. Nguyen Vu Hoang Long who just finished his probationary period.

Mr. Tran Chau Hoai Han – Associate

Mr. Tran Chau Hoai Han has been undergone legal environment from the very early day since he was a junior student. As an intern under Apolat Legal from the beginning, he hasn’t stopped gaining knowledge, skills, and positively learned from many lawyers, official colleagues hereof for experience. The fundamental values to which Apolat Legal heads are training, growing, fostering those passionate, talented with legal field. Hence, with effort, Mr. Han soon became a member of our “common home” which is Apolat Legal. 

Through work process, Mr. Han had figured out and found his ability and passion in intellectual property field, international commerce. For that reason, in March 2018 he made decision on taking part in LLM course – major Intellectual Property in the UK. With disposable quality and fluency in language, Mr. Han quickly finished the LLM Course in the UK.

Mr. Nguyen Vu Hoang Long – Paralegal

Mr. Nguyen Vu Hoang Long is an alumnus from Advanced programs faculty – Hồ Chí Minh University of Law. Mr. Long had collaborative progress with Apolat Legal as a legal intern from March 2019 to July 2019.

In here, Mr. Long has had opportunities to put his acquired knowledge from university courses to practice. For detail, Mr. Long was given chances to experience and actually rub with environment, job for those working in legal field in general and law firm in particular. The daily activities as a legal intern such as: Composing, reviewing files, researching regulations which results in helping Mr. Long to build up in need qualities for a future lawyer. Beside improve specific skills mentioned above, Apolat Legal environment does train him for various skills like managing time, communication and other significant I.T Skill as well.

Even though the internship was only 5 months long but with this period, Mr. Long had incredibly performed in many aspects, from knowledge, attitude to appearance at work. This factor is the bright factor which helped him to become a part of Apolat Legal.

Along with that, with the guidance from experienced lawyers and with a disposal individual himself, Apolat Legal believes that Mr, Long will improve further, become a finest lawyers.