How Does Apolat Legal Approach Covid-19?

How Does Apolat Legal Approach Covid-19?

We know that corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak has affected law firms across the country. Many enterprises have closed their offices, required staff to work from home in order to limit crowded places where the virus is most likely to spread. Some several State agencies (for example, the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam is restricting the in-person contact with examiners) and many courts have stopped activities that require face-to-face contact in close distance.

At Apolat Legal, we are carefully observing the current corona virus outbreak. We have been proactively implementing measures and developing plans to prioritize the health and well-being of our members, clients and partners, while ensuring firm continuity in order to meet our clients’ needs throughout this unpredictable period.

We understand that what we should do now is to take very careful steps in line with the efforts of health authorities to prevent the disease.

What are we doing?

Limiting in-person contact with clients/partners/state officers within close distance

Apolat Legal requires members to limit face-to-face work and communicate with clients/partners/state officer as much as possible to protect themselves.

Utilizing tele conferencing platforms

Apolat Legal is hosting many meetings with clients and internal meetings by audio or video conferencing on digital platforms.

Preparing disinfectant hand wash and masks

We have been placing disinfectant hand wash and masks in easy-to-see locations in our office, which is convenient for everyone to use and regularly remind members.

Organizing of medical declaration

Our HR team regularly organizes basic health checks for all members.

Limiting business trips

We have been trying to decrease the number of business trips and is supervising all our members’ business trips.

Cleaning the office more regularly

Apolat Legal requires members to clean surfaces several times every working day with disinfectant wash and keep them dry.

Updating information via firm’s official portal

Bearing in mind the negative impacts of fake news, Apolat Legal is making updates about the disease to all members via official portals, avoiding confusion and rumours.

We are doing our best in fighting the disease and protecting clients, who need us to solve their legal issues in the stressful epidemic situation, for our partners as well as all our members.

Joining with us in fighting the disease with the above very easy measures to protect you and your family.

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