"We are dedicated
to improving legal practice standards"

Dear My Family

October 20, 2016

Dear Apolat Legal Members,

We have acknowledged that, although we have tried for innovation, Apolat Legal is still a business like other businesses and revenue is still one of the important goals. However, in efforts to find a long-term and stable development path for Apolat Legal, you and I have been focusing on revenue not as the most important factor. Instead, we are committed to a more stable Vision & Mission that must be implemented:

  • Building the good life for Apolat Legal members;
  • Contributing to the improvement of the legal practice in Vietnam.

Let keep in mind that all our actions and decisions are always based on the good values of life and follow the promise of a lawyer. We will not compromise with anyone or be subjected to any manipulation that affects the core values we have pursued.

The last thing, at any time, when you see me or other leaders of Apolat Legal are no longer follow to pursuing long-term goals of our mission, I hope that you will ask me as well as other leaders to resign and find a more suitable leader.

Best Regards,

Dinh Quang Long

Managing Partner