Apolat Legal has just completed consulting for shareholders of Sutunam

Apolat Legal has just completed consulting for shareholders of Sutunam, a company in Vietnam to contribute capital to establish companies in France.

Similar to the transfer of shares, when the transferee becomes the new owner of the transferred shares, the contribution of capital to establish a company by the shares in a Vietnamese company also makes the recipient of such capital contribution (the newly established company) become the owner of such shares – thereby becoming the new shareholder of the company in Vietnam. Although this transaction is not new and the fact that companies in Vietnam often proceed with it leading to a cross-ownership, there are not too many provisions of Vietnamese law that govern details about this type of transaction, especially when the parties involved in the transaction relate to foreign investment. This in fact will easily lead to difficulties in the process of working with competent state agencies.

 Recognizing this issue, Apolat Legal, as the consultant in charge of carrying out the transaction in Vietnam, always guarantees that the client is aware of the risks and issues that may develop during the whole transaction process. To do this, Apolat Legal has done the following:

  • Consulting to make overall plans to carry out transactions in accordance with the nature of the client’s transactions and precedents;
  • Based on discussions with clients, Apolat Legal proposes possible risks to find a suitable solution;
  • Drafting all agreements and internal documents between the parties as the basis for proving the actual transaction;
  • Drafting all licensing dossiers and representing clients to work and explain to competent state agencies;
  • Advise on post-transaction issues for customers to note.

With success in completing this transaction in Vietnam, Apolat Legal is proud to receive Sutunam’s trust and appreciates Sutunam’s companionship in future projects.

Mr. Dinh Quang Long – Apolat Legal’s Senior Partner was in charge of advising Sutunam in this transaction with the support of Associate Nguyen Mai Tin, Senior Paralegal Tran Thi Ngoc Hoa and Paralegal Dinh Ho Nhi Ha.


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