Apolat Legal advised on Gas Distribution

Apolat Legal advised on Gas Distribution

Gas Nam Sao Joint Stock Company is a company with a gas distribution network in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, and Dong Nai provinces. They are one of the scarce companies with conditional business lines and restrictions on the Vietnamese Market.

Gas Nam Sao has trusted and chosen Apolat Legal as a companion alongside with the development of the company as well as a legal advisor for shareholders offering shares to Investors. With an effective long-term business strategy that has attracted the attention of Japanese Investors, Apolat Legal has assisted existing shareholders in consulting legal issues in changing the organization structure, restructuring capital when Japanese Investors became its shareholders.

In addition, Apolat Legal applies current legal regulations on investment and enterprises and contributes to perfecting plans, determining investment and cooperation directions to bring about financial efficiency, limiting administrative procedures or application for licenses that foreign-fun company must carry out when operating in the retail sector, creating a safe and reliable environment for Japanese Investors for the business performance of Gas Nam Sao.

With an experienced legal team, Apolat Legal has helped the project “called for Investors” to succeed and progress in line with the existing schedule plan of Shareholders. Japanese Investors have trusted and invested a large amount of capital to promote the growth of the gas distribution network of Gas Nam Sao in the southern region of Vietnam.

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