Apolat Legal advised on a successful M&A deal in financial sector

Apolat Legal advised on a successful M&A deal in financial sector

APOLAT LEGAL has a major role as the legal advisor for Selling Shareholders in the share acquisition deals of selling all of their shares in a fund management company that is established and operating under the Vietnam law with the operating license issued by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam in 2008.

In this transaction, Selling Shareholders are Vietnamese enterprise and individual, whose total capital take up 100% voting rights of the fund management company, and the Investor is a Korean Enterprise.

Critical legal issues to consider in this deal can be named as: Selling Shareholders both authorize to one individual to receive purchase amount from the Investor. On the other hand, the Investor must have approval from the Financial Services Commission of Korea before entering this acquisition.

As the legal advisor for Selling Shareholders, APOLAT LEGAL has advised necessary conditions for Selling Shareholders before entering the transaction; accompanying with the Investor and Selling Shareholders in the negotiation meetings as well as drafting and preparing internal dossiers acquired by the fund management company to make sure the transaction is fully approved before implementing the acquisition. Moreover, APOLAT LEGAL has reviewed and amended the context of share transfer agreement to ensure all legal rights and benefits of Selling Shareholders in the deals.

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