Apolat Legal advised on restructuring State assets


Apolat Legal advised on restructuring State assets

APOLAT LEGAL is a trusted company which is chosen to perform legal advisory for an enterprise which has 100% capital from the Municipal Party Committee – the leading organization of the Communist Party of Vietnam in municipality and province city in Vietnam – to perform changes to the enterprise structure, to down-sizing the enterprise, to handle the large debts cannot afford to pay and to prepare the plan of transferring operation rights of the restaurant, hotel chains which belong to the Municipal Party Committee.

With the amount of transferred and rented assets from the Municipal Party Committee for decades and the change of according to the management level, the business efficiency of the enterprise does not develop in the good direction, therefore the Municipal Party Committee desires to handle current assets of the enterprise to pay the debts and to transfer the restaurant, hotel chains to experienced individual/organization to develop and bring revenue to the owner company and has the ability to pay the current debts of the enterprise. Moreover, all current employees of the enterprise shall be transferred to the individual/organization received restaurant, hotel chains.

The notable legal issues in this case shall be listed as: Assets assessing, assets value of the Municipal Party Committee, assets value of the enterprise. This issue must be done with the Auditing and Valuation companies. Long-time of operation, the specialty of the enterprise so the legal system changes from time to time, the study and the choice of applicable law and adjustment law is also a complicated problem.

With years of experienced in the fields of enterprise, labor, civil, APOLAT LEGAL has advised and supported the owner company in the plan and offer many greatest solutions to make sure the benefits of the owner company on finance, time and to make sure the hundreds of employees in the enterprise to receive the same benefits after transferring the project to other individuals/organization.