Human resource news in June 2021


Human resource news in June 2021

We are pleased to welcome 03 new members to Apolat Legal:

Ms Dinh Ho Nhi Ha

Ms. Dinh Ho Nhi Ha graduated with a major in International Commercial Law from the University of Economics and Law. She has 03 years of experience in which 02 years working as a paralegal at a law firm, and 01 year working as an in-house lawyer at a technology company before becoming a member of Apolat Legal in June 2021.

Currently, Ms. Ha is a trainee lawyer at Apolat Legal and has planned her path to become a lawyer specializing in corporate matters.

Ms Le Hoang Bao Yen

Ms. Le Hoang Bao Yen graduated from the Faculty of Law – Ton Duc Thang University (2020).

Ms. Yen has successfully completed her apprenticeship at Apolat Legal since she was a third-year student. During her apprenticeship, Ms. Yen received good reviews from Partners and Associates. Getting acquainted and adapting to the daily tasks such as reviewing, translating, researching, working with state agencies have helped when Ms. Yen works as Paralegal.

Promising in the future, Ms. Yen will focus on improving her professional skills with a progressive spirit, learning and improving the soft skills to enhance career prospects that become a Lawyer.

Mr Dang Nguyen Nguyen Thanh

Thanh Dang graduated with a Bachelor of Business Law from the University of Economics and Law, Vietnam National University. During the course of studying and pursuing the law career, Thanh has gained his practice experience by practicing in several law firms, corporates, as well as a court. Before joining Apolat Legal, he worked as a paralegal at several professional law firms and at the same time achieved a number of valued certificates to broaden his academic background.

In February 2021, Thanh joined Apolat Legal to proceed to improve his practical legal knowledge and skills as well as pursuing his legal career path.