Apolat Legal_New Year Letter 2021


Apolat Legal_New Year Letter 2021

Dear Our Valued Clients,

First of all, Apolat Legal would like to send our sincere thanks for your trust and accompanying Apolat Legal during the past time. On the eve of the Buffalo’s New Year 2021, Apolat Legal wishes Our Valued Clients will have the new year with security, good health, and prosperity.

In the year 2020, the world has many upheavals, ups and downs and faces difficulties due to the effects of the Covid – 19 pandemic. Like most enterprises affected by the pandemic, Apolat Legal always understands, shares, and accompanies Clients to overcome difficulties. With the efforts of our lawyers and flexibility in handling situations, Apolat Legal has assisted many domestic and foreign Clients in solving complex business problems, handling legal risks caused by Covid– 19 which brings and contributes to the development of recovery activities, investment, and growth of the economy.

The year 2020 also marks the maturity, development and affirms Apolat Legal’s position in the Vietnamese legal market. Apolat Legal is delighted to have contributions, positive role in the Vietnamese legal market, contribute to the success of outstanding transactions including merge and acquisition (M&A), foreign investment, intellectual property, dispute settlement, corporate consulting and State policy responses, domestic and foreign investment. In order to have a professional working environment, we have moved to a new office to meet the criteria for a comfortable, full, and professional workplace. Besides, the human factor which is the core value that creates the prosperity and the strength of the business is especially focused. Apolat Legal constantly organizes intensive legal training activities, attracting good lawyers and develop talents in universities. We are always ready to satisfy the diverse and complex legal demands of customers.

The year 2021 will be a challenging year for Apolat Legal when the Covid – 19 pandemic continues developing complicatedly in both the world and Vietnam. Apolat Legal commits ourselves to always supporting and accompanying our Valued Clients to overcome difficulties and face challenges. To preserve the orientation of becoming the innovative law firm and be able to adapt legal service with international standards, Apolat Legal will constantly innovate, improve the quality of our legal services, diversify fields, and strongly promote the potential of our excellent teams. In 2021, Apolat Legal will continue to make the most of our role and work more actively at international legal and trade organizations and alliances to have further enhanced and affirm the position of Apolat Legal in global legal markets.

In order to get the current achievements as well as have motivation for future purposes, the trust of Clients is a huge incentive besides our relentless effort. Apolat Legal sincerely thanks our Valued Clients who believe in our commitment to our service quality. Once again, Apolat Legal wishes all of you a new year of peace and all the best of luck.