Entertainment & media

Entertainment & media

Apolat Legal is a trusted legal advisor with experience, consulting ability and optimal solutions in the fields of entertainment and media. Disrupting traditional business models, the current entertainment and media companies are always looking for ways to create, develop and distribute new video games, entertainment programs and advertising mix music, etc., In addition to developing new media and entertainment activities, media and entertainment companies, program developers and game publishers need to pay attention to profit strategy and strategies to protect and enforce intellectual property rights and issues related to consumer privacy and data security.

With extensive market experiences and a comprehensive approach, Apolat Legal’s lawyers can provide practical legal advice on intellectual property rights and intellectual property rights enforcement as well as financial issues, capital issues, mergers and acquisitions, information technology, corporate governance, compliance issues, competition and customer disputes in the entertainment and media sectors.

Our main intellectual property services in this area include:

  • Consulting on the ability to protect and register intellectual property rights for intellectual property properties;
  • Assessing intellectual property assets in M&A deals with media and entertainment companies on one side;
  • Consulting on management and making a list of intellectual property assets;
  • Drafting/reviewing contracts related to intellectual property;
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights.

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