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Innovation – Effective – Professional

Apolat Legal is a full-service business law firm in Viet Nam. Our experience and depth of local help our clients work with confidence in any legal issues. By thinking on behalf of our clients every day, we anticipate what they want, provide what they need and help our clients achieve their ambitions.


We are a full service business law firm in Vietnam. Our clients rely on us to provide them with innovative commercial and legal advice which is of the highest international standard and practical in a Vietnamese context.

Unlike the legal systems in the world, in the legal system of Vietnam, the gap between the law and the reality of applying law is relatively large. This matter requires the lawyers in Vietnam both to understand the law and catch the managing policy (in written or unwritten) of the State of Vietnam. We have the lawyers and jurists who have high skill, much experience and be able to evaluate legal risks for the clients in Vietnam and provide realistic solutions in order to eliminate or reduce to the maximum extent of such risks.

Global coverage in today’s market does not simply mean having offices in important cities around the world. For us, it means combining our international resources and sector expertise to work on cross-border transactions directly in the markets and regions important to our clients.

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Apolat Legal in the next decade is to be the truly and reliable business law firm for middle market with a commitment to integrity, understanding and innovation. This will be a stepping-stone for the future leading the legal market in Vietnam.

For our Clients: Our mission is to act as strategic partners to our clients and provide reliable, practical, seamlessly integrated services to maximise the potential of every opportunity for our clients.

For our people: The property of an enterprise is the intellect of its personnel. Apolat Legal always puts the “human” factor first, strives to bring a good life and create an environment for each member to develop comprehensively.

Our culture has reflected on five fundamental aspects:

  • to client: dedication & professional.
  • to our people: unity, diversity, supportive, trust.
  • to our working-environment: open and respect the dissimilarities.
  • to our works: focus, determination, ambitious.
  • to our community: responsible and respect the diversity.

As active members of the business community, we are recognized for our progressive views and boldness in adopting new initiatives, and we take that responsibility seriously. Apolat Legal is actively involved in supporting local charitable organisations, schools, cultural events, sporting events, and finding ways to contribute to the success of others.

The Apolat Legal Code of Conduct outlines the standards of ethical conduct that Apolat Legal requires. The Code of Conduct applies to all Apolat Legal partners and employees—regardless of title or position—and serves as a road map to help guide actions and behaviors while working at Apolat Legal. It spells out fundamental ethical principles and highlights resources available to help partners and employees understand and uphold those principles.

What We Say

We are a family. To all of us, “Apolat Legal” is our most valuable asset and what we do reflects upon Apolat Legal.

– Dinh Quang Long-

Managing Partner