Cross-Border M&A Activities In Vietnam: A Glance In Hospitality Sector

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Thanks to a qualified and reasonable human resource, a high urbanization rate as well as a strategic location in the center of Southeast Asia, Vietnam is becoming well-known as a manufacturing hub, growing consumer market and access to a vast marketplace. All these attributes make investing in Vietnam interesting. Correspondingly, the Vietnamese M&A market has grown at an impressive rate in terms of both the numbers of transactions and the deal value, especially in the hospitality sector.

By our experience and evaluation in the progress of advisory for the clients who are the tourism real estate development and operating companies in Vietnam, one of the trends and also is the preferred choice of many current investors and especially foreign investors, they would choose the investment options through M&A implementation in many different ways and methods to carry out investment activities in tourism real estate project in Vietnam.

This handbook will summarize some brief information and legal framework related to a M&A deal in the hospitality sector.

Covid-19 Legal Handbook

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The recent outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has had grave effects on people’s life as well as the economy in almost every country in the world, including Vietnam.

Recognizing the negative impacts of the pandemic on the economy, as well as the considerable difficulty of businesses in solving crises arising during this period of time, Apolat Legal publishes the “A legal handbook for businesses the COVID-19 pandemic” to provide a useful legal reference that businesses can apply to solve difficulties during this period.

By synthesizing critical provisions of the law related to problems arising to businesses during the pandemic, we believe that this Handbook will be a useful legal reference for the businesses to well prepare plans to handle all crisis scenario arising during and after the pandemic and have good preparation.