Trade & Customs Litigation

Trade & Customs Litigation

We provide a comprehensive service on all aspects of litigation with respect to international trade, customs and general tariff issues. We have the procedural and technical knowledge to assist clients in this area of law.

In the area of commerce-related litigation, we have experience in assisting clients in cases regarding anti-dumping and countervailing investigations by the authorities in Vietnam. We will assist you in preparing data, plans, calculations and evidence to defend you against the authority’s claim in the public hearing with respect to anti-dumping and countervailing investigations.

In regard to custom-related litigation, based on an audit or a complaint arising from customs clearance, an investigation launched by the competent authorities may take place. Such investigation may result in administrative sanctions or be even considered criminal acts as the case may be, subject to the applicable laws from time to time. We are very pleased to assist you in case you are in such a position of undergoing an investigation. Particularly, we will assist you in the following acts:

  • Represent you before the relevant authorities to attain the best possible outcome with the least possible imposition;
  • Represent you before the courts comprehensively at all stages (first instance and appellate proceedings), in administrative cases and criminal defence.

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