Technology & Telecommunications

Technology & Telecommunications

Viet Nam in the latest decade has been internationally known as one of the most potential markets for technology and telecommunications investment. A considerable number of citizens across the country are able to access electronic and telecom devices. Fundamental technology and telecommunications are also made available in remote areas, facilitating the communication and information needs of habitants living in those zones. 

With the capability expected to keep growing in the future of technology and telecommunications sectors, many recent policies of the Vietnamese Government have been updated or issued to encourage business activities of both local and foreign companies in these sectors. Apolat Legal takes pride that we have successfully supported many of our clients, varied in economic scale, in investing, establishing and doing business in technology and telecommunications in Viet Nam.

We provide a wide scope of services and always adjust ourselves to fit with client’s specific demands. Our main services include but are not limited to:

  • Counseling legal conditions to invest in and incorporate companies operating in technology and telecommunications;
  • Counseling and supporting to perform M&A deals between tech companies;
  • Counseling on relevant legal issues, namely cybersecurity, intellectual property rights, e-commerce, etc.
  • Counseling on the transfer of technology and supporting to draft transactional documents in compliance with laws;
  • Providing legal retainer service to the day-to-day operation of technology and telecom companies;
  • Drafting and/or reviewing agreements between clients and their customers, suppliers, or partners;
  • Representing clients in negotiation to settle disputes relating to technology and telecommunications;
  • Participating in legal proceedings at court or arbitration to protect client’s lawful rights and interests.

With a well-trained team of lawyers and associates, who have both profound knowledge and experience related to technology and telecommunications, Apolat Legal believes to be able to provide prospective clients with legal advice and assistance that suit any particular needs.  

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