Supply Chains

Supply Chains

We have the opportunity to work and resolve disputes with a variety of customers who are owners or are cooperative partners of a business related to the supply chain. The supply chain is one of the essential segments, a strategic factor and presents a crucial role in the fierce competition of competitors in supply activities. The movement to change the way of using, gradually switching to using supply technology platforms in the form of technology application, has created more advantages and opportunities for businesses.

Depending on the size of the supply chain, the disputes arising will be different. The main issues arising are contracts, information security, intellectual property, product quality, consulting solutions.

Apolat Legal provides practical and commercial-focused advice for clients, including but not limited to:

  • Assess clients’ position and advise on dispute resolution options;
  • Representing clients in discussion and negotiation;
  • Drafting official dispatches and documents for partners, suppliers, distributors, delivery agents;
  • Participate in the dispute resolution process in Court or Arbitration.

The team of lawyers and associates at Apolat Legal always exploits the client’s position in the dispute resolution process, understanding substantive law combined with an ability to assist client in ensuring clients’ best interests and minimizing losses.

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