Risk Management & Pre-Dispute Advice

Risk Management & Pre-Dispute Advice

Pre-Dispute are activities that take place before the period in which the Parties initiate a lawsuit and resolve the dispute at Courts or Arbitrations. When a dispute arises, the consulting about pre-dispute activities and risks that the Client may encounter is an important period and is focused on by Apolat Legal’s lawyers. The purpose of the consultancy is to help the Client has an insight view into the dispute, from which the Client can choose the appropriate dispute settlement options depending on the Client’s circumstances and practical conditions.

At this stage, Apolat Legal will advise the Client on the following issues:

  • Plans for dispute settlement and proposing appropriate dispute settlement plans;
  • Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the Client in the dispute;
  • The risks and damages that the Client may face in the dispute;
  • Roadmap for dispute settlement and expenses incurred in the legal proceedings.

With the team of lawyers having expertise in many fields such as civil, commercial, labor, corporate, investment, intellectual property, etc. Simultaneously, Apolat Legal’s lawyers always update the legal regulations, refer to the judgments and precedents to clearly understand the courts’s viewpoint on each case. Therefore, Apolat Legal believes that we have the full capacity and experience to provide the best advice with economic and financial efficiency for the Client.

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