Restructuring & Insolvency

Restructuring & Insolvency

Restructuring and dissolving have never been pleasant processes as businesses have to deal with cutting costs, personnel, and operation departments to streamline their structure as much as possible before restructuring, or to settle all debts and related issues before carrying out the dissolution. In this process, that disputes between parties with opposing interests appear to be inevitable.

As a professional consultant on restructuring and dissolution, Apolat Legal usually resolves disputes between clients and related parties in adverse and perverse circumstances. Apolat Legal’s attorneys coordinate and work closely with the client to understand the client’s circumstances and goals, and at the same time propose potential solutions and develop a dispute resolution strategy based on the actual situation.

Apolat Legal’s worldly-wise attorneys, with high professional qualifications and experience in arbitration, court cases and dispute resolution through negotiation and mediation, have received the trust and appreciation from clients. One of the unique characteristics as well as the motto of Apolat Legal in approaching and resolving disputes related to enterprise restructuring and dissolution is the flexible combination of strategy and method of negotiating and pressing simultaneously with the goal of resolving disputes quickly, effectively, minimizing disruption to business operations as much as possible.

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