Real estate litigation

Real estate litigation

Real estate activities always potentially cause complicated disputes in issues that are usually noted and carefully managed.  Our team of real estate litigation lawyers, with the market knowledge and experience in successfully supporting many cases, provides clients with legal advice and dispute resolution plans to handle arising problems suitable to clients’ needs.

In case of arising disputes, the team of litigation lawyers can identify and implement the most beneficial solutions to protect the interests of clients, by consulting and carrying out legal proceedings at civil court, administrative court or arbitration or through other dispute resolution options such as conciliation, negotiation.

Our scope of real estate litigation services includes but is not limited to:

  • Researching to provide legal opinions and solutions to handle disputes related to disputes over ownership and right to use real estate between individuals, organizations and competent agencies; disputes related to capital contribution with land use rights, ownership of houses and other land-attached assets;
  • Consulting and offering solutions to handle disputes in business investment, real estate management;
  • Consulting and offering solutions to handle disputes related to leasing contracts, construction contracts;
  • Consulting to choose the dispute resolution method to protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients;
  • Appointing a lawyer to represent/support the client to participate in conciliation, negotiation with the disputing parties, and/or participate in the litigation process at the court, arbitration or other dispute settlement agencies;
  • Consulting and guiding to collect of evidence, participating in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of clients at courts/arbitration/other dispute settlement agencies.

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