Music & theatre

Music & theatre

In the current context of extensive international integration and exchange, the Vietnamese music and theater market is becoming more and more exciting with significant achievements. It is expected to become a potential sector and developing strength in the future.

However, the development of a sector always comes with challenges and opportunities. One of the tough challenges in developing this sector is issues relating to intellectual property rights. Intellectual property rights in music and theater may include matters relating to the following:

  • Copyright for the song/music;
  • Rights related to copyright in performances, phonograms, video recordings, broadcasts;
  • Ownership of the singer’s image with the management company; and
  • The relationship between authors, copyright holders, music production companies and intermediary service enterprises.

Apolat Legal’s lawyers and associates have many years of experience in supporting the establishment of intellectual property rights, giving advice on exploitation strategies, and providing solutions to enforce intellectual property rights for many singers, music production companies, and an intermediary service enterprise. Therefore, we understand the position, role, and risks of parties in music and theater. In conjunction with our knowledge and understanding in this field, we believe that we can provide clients with comprehensive services at all stages from reviewing/drafting contracts, agreements on intellectual property rights, creating intellectual property, registering of intellectual property to enforcement of intellectual property rights, representation in negotiation and litigation on intellectual property disputes. 

Apolat Legal will be your advisor providing appropriate legal advice and policy on any issues during your creative career.

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