Mergers and Acquisitions (often referred to as M&A) is a strategic activity that creates value-added for the business. This is an economic tool that helps businesses increase their competitive advantage in the market by expanding their market share, reducing actual operation costs, and firming their financial situation. However, in order to carry out this “milestone”, both investors and target companies need to carefully research the relevant issues and depending upon the position of each party in the transaction, the issues will also be different.

As a law firm specializing in providing legal services for domestic and foreign enterprises on investment, compliance and restructuring of the business, especially M&A transactions, Apolat Legal understands the obstacles that the target company will encounter during preparation and performance of the M&A transaction, as well as the wishes and requirements of investors when entering into such M&A transaction. With a solid knowledge base on business, investment, real estate, labor, intellectual property, etc., and the experience gained through the practice, the attorneys of Apolat Legal will step by step support, consult the client throughout all stages of the transaction, including but not limited to:

  • Consulting on transaction structure and related legal regulations;
  • Carrying out legal due diligence;
  • Consulting on management restructuring;
  • Drafting/reviewing documents on business ownership and management;
  • Negotiating, drafting/reviewing contracts and agreements related to transactions.
  • Implementing the procedures to complete the transaction.

From the beginning of preparation to the completion of an M&A transaction, Apolat Legal will always accompany and warn clients of legal risks that may arise. Protecting and enhancing the interests of clients is always the top goal of Apolat Legal.

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