Joint ventures

Joint ventures

Based on multilateral and bilateral international agreements and treaties along with policies to remove barriers of national law, those have contributed to promoting international integration – diversified and extensive cooperation in many fields such as economic cooperation, culture and education, which have created favorable conditions for Foreign Investors to invest in Vietnam. Vietnam’s economic market and development potential are considered to have great potential to invest in the form of joint ventures.

The joint venture business model creates an enormous advantage in profit-sharing. Furthermore, Investors can enjoy advancements, learn professionalism, and improve management activities, human resources, technology, intellectual property, confidentially, update the market information or fully exploit the potentials of joint-venture partners.

Apolat Legal is known as one of the reputable and professional law firms when we have been supporting many investors who wish to establish a joint venture company. Some of the specific scopes of works are as follows:

  • Evaluate the Client’s position to give preliminary advice;
  • Advising on the joint venture structure suitable to the purposes;
  • Advising and updating the provisions of the law, consult with specialized agencies that affect or affect the business field to anticipate problems;
  • Drafting or reviewing cooperation agreements between Clients and Partners;
  • Representing the Client in negotiating and signing the Memorandum of Understanding and/or Agreement.

Based on many years of experience, understanding of legal regulations and proactive spirit, we are always proud to be a Client’s consulting team.

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