IP portfolio asset management

IP portfolio asset management

In the context that the industrial revolution 4.0 is gradually taking shape and spreading across the globe, no one can deny the importance and value of intellectual property in businesses and the modern economy. However, in order for intellectual property to really promote its value, enterprises first need to identify, protect and manage it, only after that they can consider adding value and making money from it.

Identifying and managing IP assets is a long-term process that requires meticulousness and must be conducted on a regular basis. Since the creative activity and creation of intellectual products always arise in the course of business operations, but each intellectual product has its own different protection and development mechanisms. Therefore, the administrators must understand the key factors thoroughly. Only then, they would be able to decide on the plan and how to manage that intellectual property in order to bring the best benefits to their business.

Our teams of attorneys and associates are well-trained and specialized in intellectual property within the country and abroad, and have gained experience through the consulting process and long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises operating in many fields and diverse industries such as food production, apparel, software supply, services, wholesale and retail, etc. Apolat Legal is confident to provide diversified, completed, and suitable services to the enterprises’ needs of intellectual property management from time to time:

  • Consulting on identification, protection, and management of the intellectual property;
  • Consulting on development and commercialization of the intellectual property;
  • Consulting on promulgating regulations on recognition of initiatives, information security…

Let us help you unlock the true value of your intellectual property.

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