Employment Litigation

Employment Litigation

In the trend of globalization of economic – trade relations, many enterprises, single – multinational corporations have presented and been operating powerfully in Vietnam. The domestic and foreign labor markets have also been active and fiercely competitive since then. Under constant fluctuations, economic pressures and superiority in science and technology require employers or human resource specialists to employ a suitable workforce while balancing business interests. In this process, enterprises will be inevitably involved in labor disputes to maintain the balance.

Labor lawsuits can be initiated by lawsuit petitions of individuals or collectives of employees due to a dispute over working conditions, salaries, trade union rights or any rotation policy, termination upon outsourcing, restructuring. On the other hand, senior employees can be the defending party to lawsuits regarding disputes over non-compete agreements and confidentiality agreements. Labor disputes are becoming more and more common, diverse and complex when they are transnational and transboundary.

Any threat arising from lawsuits is worrisome due to a parallel increase in costs and reputational damage. Understanding the legal context, ethnic culture and policies of the laws from time to time has motivated us to seek approaches and optimal solutions to reduce risks, protect business reputation in litigations and labor dispute resolution. We provide legal advice for clients to avoid disputes or get an advantage of the dispute as well as accompany clients throughout the negotiation, mediation, and proceedings at Court and Arbitration. During the dispute resolution, the ultimate benefit of our clients is the goal that we always uphold and towards.

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