Cybersecurity & Technology Disputes

Cybersecurity & Technology Disputes

The rapid growth of the modern world facilitates the human race in many aspects but also unintentionally begins issues of which people have never been thought before. The legal system of Viet Nam has made a significant shift during these years to acclimatize to disputes arisen from cybersecurity and technology, to preserve the order of society.

As a modern legal firm, Apolat Legal understands the essence of cybersecurity and technology in doing business. Thus, we do share your concerns over issues relating to these fields and always take your problems seriously as if they were ours.

Apolat Legal is capable of providing end-to-end services of dispute settlement regarding cybersecurity and technology. Our attorneys and associates do not only possess profound legal knowledge in technology and cybersecurity, but we also excel in applying laws effectively and appropriately with clients’ situations.


Our team has had experience in counseling and representing clients in disputes in relation to:

  • Confidentiality agreements between companies and employees, suppliers, customers, or partners, etc.;
  • Cyber-attacks;
  • Data privacy.


In terms of technology disputes, we have successfully protected our clients and provided them with suitable strategies in relation to:

  • Author’s rights and related rights on cyberspace;
  • Infringement of trademarks, patents, designs, trade names, etc.;
  • Transfer of technology;
  • Fraud in cyberspace;
  • Defamation on social media.

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