It is barely found a company in this 21st century doing business without applying information technology. This, however, makes companies confront risks from cybercrime, which is an inevitable consequence of the discovery of the Internet of Things (IoT). Cybercriminals, or commonly known as “hackers”, attack the IT system of a company to steal information, money, to blackmail or to trigger a crisis of customer’s trust in the company for the purpose of downgrading the company’s reputation.

Despite a well-developed cybersecurity system, companies remain exposed to the cybercrime as knowledge and skills of cybercriminals increasingly advance along with the growth of technology. Therefore, in addition to implementing and maintaining technological protection methods, companies should be aware of proper legal acts that may be taken against cybercrime to reduce losses.

Apolat Legal excels in advising and providing clients with appropriate strategies to tackle cyber attacks and to take legal actions against criminals. We support our clients in:

  • Filing requests to police departments and relevant competent agencies for implementing injunctive relief to promptly cease the cyber-attack and to avoid significant damage.
  • Filing denunciation letters to police to request an investigation.
  • Representing clients during criminal legal proceedings at the court.

We actively follow up, update, and advise suitable approaches to the situation of clients from time to time, ensuring that the client’s lawful rights are protected.  

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