Construction and engineering dispute resolution

Construction and engineering dispute resolution

In recent years, disputes in the construction field are increasing constantly. Most of the constructing disputes arise because one of the parties violates one of the following basic obligations: breach of payment obligation; delay in project implementation and extension; quality and volume of work; guarantees and warranties; slippage and price adjustment.

When a dispute arises, the official mechanisms used for resolution are mediation, arbitration, and court.

Apolat Legal has many years of experience in providing solutions, consulting and representing parties (contractors or investors) in resolving disputes in the construction field. Depending on the circumstances of the case and the position of each client in the dispute, we guarantee to give each customer the most effective and economical solution.

According to statistics, construction disputes are one of the types of disputes with the highest complexity as well as dispute value. In some cases, the value of disputes is up to trillions of dongs. Understanding that situation, Apolat Legal always wants to help clients avoid unwanted litigation which is wasting time and money. To realize that, Apolat Legal also provides risk management services from the contract signing step, by helping clients choose the right contract form and prepare terms to maximize the benefits, limit risks and the possibility of disputes arising.

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