Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Currently, disputes related to the commercial sector have arisen increasingly and become complicated. The expansion of international trade business activities and the change of the legal system are the main reasons behind this problem. Therefore, to support clients to resolve their commercial disputes in the most efficient, fast and economical way, Apolat Legal has constantly been trying our best to develop commercial litigation services.

With a professional and experienced lawyer team, Apolat Legal has successfully represented many clients in resolving their commercial disputes. When coming to Apolat Legal, clients will be supported to resolve commercial disputes with the following activities:

  • Suggesting appropriate dispute resolutions for clients;
  • Assisting and supporting clients to draft necessary documents, dossiers, and other required documents to resolve the dispute;
  • Consulting with and instructing clients to collect documents, evidence, and provide information;
  • Collecting documents and evidence by contacting and working with relevant individuals, organizations, and authorities;
  • Acting as the authorized representative of clients to work with state authorities and relevant parties to disputes for settling the cases;
  • Participating in legal proceedings at court and arbitration to protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients;
  • Other legal services related to commercial dispute resolution at the request of the clients.

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