Border enforcement in Vietnam

Border enforcement in Vietnam

In economic development, combined with the trend of integration and trade exchange, not only within countries in a region but also globally, activities that violate intellectual property rights still take place fiercely in the world under many sophisticated methods and tricks. Infringing acts of intellectual property rights, acts of unfair competition, infringing goods, counterfeiting of origin, etc., are committed in the country and in export and import activities.

For infringement of intellectual property rights occurring in export and import activities, the border enforcement can give the intellectual property owner’s right a chance to request the customs office to apply measures with allegations of infringing goods, whether imported or exported across the border of Vietnam.

Apolat Legal is proud to be one of the leading law firms with experience assisting clients, solving cases related to intellectual property, especially applying border enforcement to protect Client’ interests. Specifically:

  • Consulting to identify acts of infringement of intellectual property objects;
  • Consulting on issues and procedures for implementing border enforcement;
  • Coordinate and support Clients to investigate the market;
  • Representing Clients to work with competent authorities to make requests to manage violations of rights.

Lawyers and associates at Apolat Legal are always confident with our professional knowledge, diverse and knowledgeable, proactive and adaptive, and self-adjusting under all circumstances to protect clients’ interests.

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