Online Training ‘’Startup and Brand protection’’

On August 13th , 2021, Apolat Legal is honored to become a cooperation unit in the online training session ‘’Startup and Brand protection’’ organized by Startup Wheel – designed as an Accelerator Program for international businesses to expand business in Southeast Asia. Every year, Startup Wheel attracts more than 2,000 startups from 20 countries on 5 continents.

Lawyer Pham Thi Thoa – Founding Lawyer of Apolat Legal shared with Top 60 Vietnamese track – Startup Wheel 2021 about knowledge and case studies around brand protection, relationships with founding team and investors, notes on shares when working with co-founder and investor.

Apolat Legal hopes that by sharing experiences, Startup Wheel Vietnam candidates will be able to confidently share their projects without fear of being “afraid of stealing ideas/business models” while still “recording” a “score” with the Jury Council.


Webinar “Intellectual Property Rights in Business Operations”

On August 21st , 2021, The Faculty of Law, University of Economics and Finance collaborated with the Integrity Law Club – ILC to organize a webinar on the topic “Intellectual property rights in business operations”. Apolat Legal is honored to be invited to be the speaker of the webinar, Lawyer Pham Thi Thoa – Founding Lawyer of Apolat Legal accompanies the program.


In the discussion, the lawyer provided students with 3 issues: an overview of the enterprise’s intellectual property, intellectual property rights in business operations, the knowledge and skills needed to practice in the field of intellectual property law.

Lawyer Thoa also guided UEFers to courses to further their expertise at the end of the program.

Apolat Legal hopes that by sharing, students will gain more information and enthusiasm for future vocations.


Webinar series “Intellectual property of enterprises – identification, exploitation, and protection”

Apolat Legal collaborated with the Saigon High-Tech Park Incubation Center in July 2021 to host a series of webinars on “Intellectual property of enterprises – identification, exploitation, and protection.” The series consists of three sessions designed to update information and assist small and medium-sized businesses in identifying, exploiting, and protecting intellectual property.



At sessions on July 3, July 9, and July 10, 2021, Lawyer Pham Thi Thoa and Mr. Tran Chau Hoai Han provided an overview of intellectual property types of enterprises, some options for monetizing intellectual property, and detailed and specific sharing on intellectual property protection methods, law enforcement practices to protect intellectual property rights as well as case studies and direct interaction with speakers about some real-life situations that enterprises face.





At the end of the program was a Q&A session to answer questions from enterprises along with speakers.

Apolat Legal is pleased to be a part of the program and hopes to have the opportunity to cooperate in the next programs.


Apolat Legal made a strategic partnership with Marbury Corporate Advisory Services Limited

We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Marbury Corporate Advisory Services Limited, a professional service provider in Hong Kong.

Marbury provides five main service lines including Corporate Services, Business Enterprise Solutions, Fund Services, Corporate Advisory, Accounting and Audit Management Services. With the global network, Marbury can support the Clients in establishing companies in many countries such as:

  • British Virgin Islands
  • Cayman Islands
  • UK
  • Marshall Islands
  • Bermuda
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong

Additionally, Marbury has a group of professionals and administrators having legal and accounting expertise to provide the best solutions and services for the Clients. For detailed information about Marbury, please refer to the website

Apolat Legal hopes that this cooperation will open up opportunities and strengthen the values of both companies for benefit of the present and potential clientele.


Human resource news in June 2021

We are pleased to welcome 03 new members to Apolat Legal:

Ms Dinh Ho Nhi Ha

Ms. Dinh Ho Nhi Ha graduated with a major in International Commercial Law from the University of Economics and Law. She has 03 years of experience in which 02 years working as a paralegal at a law firm, and 01 year working as an in-house lawyer at a technology company before becoming a member of Apolat Legal in June 2021.

Currently, Ms. Ha is a trainee lawyer at Apolat Legal and has planned her path to become a lawyer specializing in corporate matters.

Ms Le Hoang Bao Yen

Ms. Le Hoang Bao Yen graduated from the Faculty of Law – Ton Duc Thang University (2020).

Ms. Yen has successfully completed her apprenticeship at Apolat Legal since she was a third-year student. During her apprenticeship, Ms. Yen received good reviews from Partners and Associates. Getting acquainted and adapting to the daily tasks such as reviewing, translating, researching, working with state agencies have helped when Ms. Yen works as Paralegal.

Promising in the future, Ms. Yen will focus on improving her professional skills with a progressive spirit, learning and improving the soft skills to enhance career prospects that become a Lawyer.

Mr Dang Nguyen Nguyen Thanh

Thanh Dang graduated with a Bachelor of Business Law from the University of Economics and Law, Vietnam National University. During the course of studying and pursuing the law career, Thanh has gained his practice experience by practicing in several law firms, corporates, as well as a court. Before joining Apolat Legal, he worked as a paralegal at several professional law firms and at the same time achieved a number of valued certificates to broaden his academic background.

In February 2021, Thanh joined Apolat Legal to proceed to improve his practical legal knowledge and skills as well as pursuing his legal career path.