APOLAT LEGAL excels in providing services in respect of Dispute Resolution with the participation of lawyers who have many years of experience in such legal practice area and have engaged in several serious disputes with reference to Intellectual Property, Commercial and Labor Law…

The combination of both stragic approach and effective dispute resolution method helps APOLAT LEGAL constantly achieve success in complicated cases. The consulting staff of APOLAT LEGAL, with their professional qualification and high experience in litigation, arbitration and other dispute resolution forms outside of Court, have received high trust from our clients and are considered one of the most high-qualified expert team in Vietnam by the community of professional.

APOLAT LEGAL provides some particular services as follows:

Providing legal opinions on the dispute: Researching relevant files and documents, discussing and analyzing thoroughly each fact of the dispute. After initial contact and collecting information, researching and discussing about such information, APOLAT LEGAL will deliver a writing legal advice in which states clearly all key points, law regulations in use and proposes the most optimal resolution options.

For dispute resolution outside of Court: Arranging meetings with the opposing party for negotiation face to face, separately or with the participation of the third party in order to find a mutually agreed solution.

Participating in Arbitration and Court proceedings: drafting all kinds of documents, collecting relevant files and directly engaging in a part or entire of the dispute resolution proceedings at Arbitration Body or at Court in order to defend the right and legimate interests of clients.

Judgement Enforcement: drafting and collecting all relevant files and documents and directly participating in a part or entire of the enforcement of a Court judgement/ruling or an Arbitration award which is already in effect.

APOLAT LEGAL is considered one of the most effective and highly experienced law firm of dispute resolution in Vietnam. Languages fluently used by our staff are Vietnamese and English.

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