Apolat Legal provides legal service of debt recovery for enterprises and individuals.

When either party violates the obligation during the time performing civil, commercial and labour transaction through the contract (including payment obligation), loan is rised immediately.

The enterprises always have their loans in which companies cannot be able to pay. Debt recovery requires the person who takes the responsibility of recovering debt to have communication skill, negotiation skill and have a deep knowledge of provisions so that there is no property drain.

There are two methods of recovering debt:

  • Putting high pressure in the period of negotiation is currently the most popular method.
  • Filing a lawsuit in court or making complaints and denunciations at Department of Police.

In addition, it is also effective to request competent authority to frozen the bank account, distraint the property.

As we have high – qualified and experienced lawyers, we shall assist the clients to enhance risks, save time as well as tutor. Furthermore, we also give support to clients in preventing loans which cannot be able to recover.

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