Apolat Legal provides a range of legal services such as negotiation, consultancy, forming, entering into the contract; solving civil contract dispute, commercial contract dispute.

The contract is a legal term defining civil transaction, business transaction,…

To form a contract, It is vitally necessary to be a skilful person and have a good understanding about provisions.

A good adviser not only ensures the benefits of parties in the contract but also foresee risk in the future in order to modify articles which are suitable for the law.

The contract adviser plays a crucial role nowadays as parties have their own good lawyers having a depth knowledge about provisons relating to invalid contract, resolution of contract dispute.

Apolat Legal has numerous good lawyers, we are very confident in assisting clients to advise, form, verificate, solve contract dispute from which clients can get their goals and restrain risk.

Our services consist of:

  • Advising to join making contract negotiation
  • Advising to form the contract of transferring rights to use land
  • Advising to form the contract of borrowing money
  • Advising labour contract
  • Advising to form the contract of purchasing enterprises and capital transferring
  • Advising to solve contract dispute
  • Advising to form civil and commercial contract