For enterprises in countries with developing economies, the understanding and application of the law has always been at the forefront, it helps enterprises limit legal risks and provides many advantages in the transaction. Law on Vietnam still hasn’t been finalized it difficult to apply in practice, additionally the enterprises often don’t pay attention to the legal issues so it is difficult to protect the rights and legitimate interests with external influence.

To “Preventing and limiting the risks that may arise in the course of business”, Apolat Legal will accompanies clients to resolve legal issues, guide enterprises to comply with the provisions of law and represents clients for working with State Agencies and business partners. Our services include:

  • Drafting of contracts and documents that related to business activities, ensure sufficient legal basis for settlement when disputes arise;
  • Consulting arising problems and offer solutions consistent with the provisions of law, business activities of the Enterprise;
  • Representing for the enterprise to works with business partners, competent government agencies or resolve labor disputes (excluding participation in court proceedings at all levels).

We study operation and field of clients , thereby offering solutions to the problems that affect performance and productivity in the work environment of your business.