During last time, the field of Information and Communications in Vietnam is continuously developing. Therefore, Vietnam Government is focusing on issuing and approving the regulations of Law in this field in order that this Law conforms to the international practice and create the favorable conditions for business development.

With the knowledge about the development in the field of Information and Communications, the lawyers and experts of APOLAT LEGAL has quickly focused on developing the services and solutions in this field. APOLAT LEGAL brings benefits to our clients through the provision system of comprehensive legal services from legal advice and policy, support negotiations, preparing contracts, on behalf of the clients to carry out tasks in the process of implementing projects in the field of Information and Communications.

Some specific consulting services that APOLAT LEGAL provides to the Client including applying for the licenses to establish websites, assistance in drafting the regulations of website use, support in  dispute resolution and protecting the property rights related to the field of Information and Communications.

For more detail information, Please contact us via email info@apolatleagal.com or access our website at www.Apolatleagal.com