APOLAT LEGAL provides the legal consultancy service in the Industry and Trading including the section and field as follows: machinery, metallurgy, electricity, new energy, renewable energy, industrial explosives, industrial mining exploitation and mineral processing, consumption industry, food industry and other processing industries, trade and domestic market; import, export and border trade, foreign market development, market management, trade promotion, e-commerce, trade service and international economic integration, competition management, safeguard measures application, anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, protection of consumer rights.

We support clients in Vietnam, abroad and understand the challenges that the investors have to meet, research the market, evaluate the benefits and risks of the business basing on the investment policies of the Government. By operating each group carefully, we can maintain the quality and cost control with a flexible work style. We also work with the Clients as well in the field of Industry & Commerce and the persons that their business models takes the real estate property as key strategic assets. We cooperate regularly with other specified section of APOLAT LEGAL such as Tax, Labor and Employment, along with other specified section, to provide mature service and has coordinated with the Client, with respect to any transaction needs.

For more detail information, Please contact us via email info@apolatleagal.com or access our website at www.Apolatleagal.com