APOLAT LEGAL advises many foreign invested companies, branches and representative of foreign companies on all aspects of labor matters including drafting of labor contracts and acting on behalf of clients in relation to in-courts or out-of court settlement of labor disputes.

We also assist local companies and foreign invested companies in setting up of labor internal rules, settlement of labor disputes, obtaining work permit and other labor matters.

Employment And Labor Consultancy Service of APOLAT LEGAL

  • Advising generally on the interpretation and application of Vietnam’s labour laws;
  • Advising on drafting and involving in the negotiation of labour contracts, collective labour agreements and labour rules;
  • Advising on drafting and completing enterprises’ internal procedures and regulations related to management of employees;
  • Advising on orders and procedures of disciplining employees and material responsibility;
  • Advising on orders and procedures of processing allowances, insurances for employees when labour relationships are terminated;
  • Advising and representing clients in labou dispute resolutions, including strikes;
  • Advising on conditions, orders and procedures of recruiting and managing foreign workers, drafting application dossiers for work permits required for foreign workers in Vietnam;
  • Advising on procedures of immigration, temporary residence, salary, income tax and money transfer to overseas of foreign workers;
  • Advising on laws and practices related to bringing Vietnamese workers overseas.

For more detail information, Please contact us via email info@apolatlegal.com or access our website at Apolatlegal.com