Apolat Legal Firm established the consultancy team on Culture, Sports and Tourism in order to specialize in providing legal advice to the Enterprises that operate in this field. We always try to improve the excellence service quality in providing service to clients and help the clients to negotiate in the status that Vietnamese law always changes which governs the working environment at the Enterprise.

We understand about your company as well as the main business of your company and business support in making the solutions to problems that affect job performance and productivity in the working environment of your company. There are not many experienced Law firms in Vietnam as KSM Law to respond to most of issues that an enterprise operating in the field of Culture, Sports and Tourism that the enterprise have to meet. Whether you are an emerging enterprise or already newly established, we always coordinate with your company to gain a competitive level in all the legal issues that affect the “achievements” of you.

For more detail information, Please contact us via email info@apolatleagal.com or access our website at www.Apolatleagal.com